Sunday, August 26, 2012

Step 4: Join Twitter

So I haven't been in the proper mental space to blog. I was busy quitting leaving graduate school and having a baby to put together witty blog posts. If had written about how I felt, this blog would have morphed into a sad first hand account of falling off the deep end or worse... a mommy blog. (NOT that there is anything wrong with mommy blogs, I mean how else am I supposed to know that my son is not the only baby in the world who utterly despises his car seat? It's just not what I do.) I decided my next step would be to venture out, try something new so I joined Twitter...finally.  I didn't JUST join Twitter now, I may have done so weeks ago but I got bored really quickly and forgot about it. That was until I received an email staying "We missed you on Twitter!" I'm so vulnerable, I was immediately flattered and why looky-here? I even blogged about it. Baby steps. (no pun intended)

You can find me ( it's follow me, right?) @ChinonyeCO
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