Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Burger King is pulling their Ad featuring Mary J. Blige for some chicken wrap because there has been some controversy about its "racist undertones". Um...huh?

There are people dying in the streets, children being ill-taught and ill-prepared for the real world because of systemic racism in this country and folks are up in arms about a chicken wrap commercial!!!????!!!

Honestly, this is because we don't all have the ability to process the more complex issues of our society, so some of us go after the low hanging fruit. (or rotting fruit already on the ground).  This unfortunately cheapens the fight against racism. I mean somehow no one seems to think the Real Housewives of Atlanta has racist undertones...

**EDIT** After further discussion with my colleague I get that the issue is that Mary J Blige is singing about chicken. Not just singing but singing her heart out about the ingredients. His response was, "Would Jennifer Lopez be singing about enchiladas?!? (Clearly, J.Lo is Puerto Rican and not Mexican but I get his point) It's not like I didn't get that before but he compared it to the 1992 commercial featuring MC Hammer for KFC. I get that! I believe Hammer's commercial was a lot worse than the MJB commercial. This Burger King commercial was not about a bucket of fried chicken but it was a poorly executed one nonetheless.

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