Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don't Shoot me I only have Skittles.

I've been on hiatus for a couple of months now and my last post was titled "I Just Died". My absense may have convinced you otherwise but I did not. But I was gone for good reason, I promise. There has not been a more opportune time to resume blogging than in the wake of the Trayvon Martin case here in my home state of Florida.

There are a number of painful aspects of this story that bother me. The gated community that (we?) "uppity, educated black folk" work hard to move into. The place where we feel will protect our kids from crime and bad public schools. This is the place where we would assume one could walk to the store and not get shot for his jordans.I can't bring myself to listen to the 911 recordings in its entirety. I am growing a little Black boy in my belly as I type. (I told you I was out for good reason!!) I am afraid for him. I feel powerless. There is no level of education or amount of money that will protect his freedom and give me piece of mind.
The another painful aspect is the comments of justification such as:
  •  Blacks kill whites all the time, Blacks kill Hispanics all the time. Why are we making a big deal out of it? 
  • Well, Blacks do most of the crimes. If they stop committing crimes they would not be viewed as suspicious.
  • He had a hoodie on to cover his face? He had it coming.
  • There must have been a reason.
  • Zimmerman was Latino so it's not racist.
Along with a whole host of hits. Who are these people? Please wear a t-shirt identifing who you are so I can cross the road when I see you.

There are easy responses, "well, most of the Blacks that kill whites are on death row or serving life sentences. EVEN when they are innocent. The point is justice is not served" "Most racists are white. The overwhelming majority of Serial Killers are white. Maybe people should take on the same reasoning and assume they all are." But honestly, I don't have the patience.

 Don't shoot me for this (awful, terrible, pun intended) but I am afraid of all youth collectives. Particularly, a group of young white boys ages 16-30 (35?) would cause me the same alarm. There have been many cases were the most vulnerable (women, homelessmen, puppies) have been victim to this demographic's desire of a good time. So I go inside and lock my door. Not too unlike the woman that clutches her purse when my brothers walk by. We all do it.

I but I don't trail them. I don't shoot any of them. Even if I did, there is no chance in hell I'd go free. Because that would be easily considered murder...for a Black person.  
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