Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bigger than Race But Not Much Bigger

CNN depicts another challenge to the Stand Your Ground law here in Florida in Valrico (Tampa suburb) where the race and age of the victim and alleged perpetrator are in a sense reversed of that in the Trayvon Martin case. An older (elderly?) Black man shot and killed a 41 year military father at the playground of their neighborhood after an altercation and he too claims self-defense under the same Stand Your Ground law. The father was shot and killed in front of his own daughter.

"Who brings a gun to a playground?" his widow asks in the report. I'm asking the same damn thing.

My point is not whether the Black elder should go free. My point is if you watch the video you will see him in HANDCUFFS!!!!! And proving his claim of self-defense in court.

We don't know where George Zimmerman is but we know he is not, and has never been, in handcuffs or in jail.  I wonder the outcome if they had considered him to be an ethnic minority. Nonetheless, this is bigger than race it is about what is right.

***CORRECTION*** After further reading and researching, the shooter, 69 yr old Trevor Dooley was not immediately arrested. He even returned to his job as a busdriver and picked kids up from school!! (Eeek!) However according to David James' widow's blog there is a trial against Dooley for manslaughter that begun last month.
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