Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Told you so...

Condeleeza Rice is releasing her memoir No Higher Honor and reviews/excerpts have been hitting the net. I might read it. Despite the fact that our politics are different, she is a black woman navigating American life and politics and that is not an experience to dismiss lightly. (Funny thing is I read something I wrote about Condi on this blog 6 years back and couldn't stop laughing. ) I also always believed that she like Colin Powell, after leaving the Bush administration and perhaps even politics altogether, would fully acknowledge her role and responsibility to, and further indentify with the Black community.

 I always believed keeping mum on critical issues that affect minorities as a minority was a means of "keeping your job". Condeleeza is no different. In an excerpt she writes:
...my senior advisor, Jim Wilkinson, walked into my suite. “Boss, I should have seen this coming,” he said. He showed me the day’s Drudge Report headline on the Web: “Eyewitness: Sec of State Condi Rice laughs it up at ‘Spamalot’ while Gulf Coast lays in tatter.” “Get a plane up here to take me home,” I said. I called Mariann and Randy and apologized and then sat there kicking myself for having been so tone-deaf. I wasn’t just the secretary of state with responsibility for foreign affairs; I was the highest-ranking black in the administration and a key advisor to the President. What had I been thinking?
She further writes:
There’s never much opportunity at the time to reflect on a crisis like Katrina. In retrospect, the hurricane’s aftermath was the first in a spiral of negative events that would almost engulf the Bush presidency. Clearly the response of the federal government was slower than the President himself wanted it to be, and there were many missteps, both in perception and in reality. I’m still mad at myself for only belatedly understanding my own role and responsibilities in the crisis.

She's human. I'll take that.

Read more of her excerpt from her book at Newsweek.
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