Monday, October 24, 2011

Gaddafi is dead and I feel some kinda way about it...

I said some kinda way. If I knew which kind of way I would have written about it by now. I just can't put my finger on it. I do hate the commentary about him being a "clowninsh" or "flamboyant" in regards to his appearance, more specifically his attire. His outfits look like what my father, or uncles or grandfather would wear when giving their daughter away in a wedding ceremony. It take it as a direct attack on all things African not just non-Western garb. Such criticism is spared for the Saudi dignitaries. It makes me a little angry actually.

However, the commentary about his "flamboyant" actions especially in the last few decades are well deserved. What I have learned is to never be persuaded by the West's depiction of a "horrible dictator".  What is the difference between a monarch and a dictator? Really, think about it. Who is doing the defining? After reading up on the former Libyan ruler, my sentiments did not change. He's a man who came to power with amazing ideas and supported many non-(not Anti) Western, Christian, efforts but who in the end was a glutton for power and clung to it by any means necessary. Ok, your standard tyrannical ruler.

My husband, the African in residence,  is much more astute in the area of African politics. I asked him how he felt about Gaddafi being killed and the manner in which he died and he said "Well, the people didn't want him as a leader anymore and instead of stepping down, he said he'd fight to the death, that he will die in Libya. Why would it end any other way?"

I guess there you have it.

Check out his history in photos here
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