Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Coupe Dreams

My childhood visions of myself at this age featured a well-paying job, a Chanel handbag and a Porsche coupe. Well, never really imagined myself past the age of 25. Anything after 25 was just 'happily ever after'.  Needless to say I am still dreaming but I am very practical in my adult dreams. I dream about jobs that allow international travel but also give more than 30 days paid vacation time and about which coupe will allow me to carry a few of my imaginary children.

It was in those dreams that I realized how hard it was to translate my childhood dreams of 20 years ago to the reality of today. It isn't because I had some wild fantasies. The economy is not what it used to be and the relationship between the employer and employees has changed. Loyalty is no longer present nor expected. Who's getting 30 days paid vacation at a time when every one's getting laid off?  Secondly, it seems as though parenthood requires a minivan or SUV.  In the late 80's just before the Dodge Caravans etc., my mother would haul 3 children whose ages ranged from 5 yrs to 18 months around town in  her Toyota Starlet, a little red hatchback with tan vinyl seats. I can only recall the vinyl seats being hot against my legs in the summertime otherwise I assume I was comfortable.

But that would be illegal now, with increased safety regulations all three of us would require some sort of car seat. I appreciate the efforts towards safety, but it has a major effect on the quality of life of a family of 5. With car seats in tow, families require much larger cars which 1) cost more to purchase and maintain 2) cost more to gas up. Couple this with fuel prices around being around $3.50 compared to the $0.89 of 15 years ago. There are no subsidies to ease this burden on families and salaries have been pretty stagnant over the past decade. So even with what I consider to be a well-paying job, I'll be working much harder spending much more money trying to live a regular life than anyone would have considered 20 years ago.

Hell, these coupe dreams are dreams indeed.
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