Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Clemency Denied for Troy Davis

Someone killed Officer MacPhail, but how is there enough certainty to pin it all on Troy Davis? Casey Anthony was freed with more evidence linking her to the murder of her little girl yet Troy Davis is scheduled to die tommorrow for a crime in which there is no murder weapon and eye witnesses have recanted there testimony.

The larger questions are: Why after many appeals have this not been over turned? Is there something we are missing? When in America did the victim get the last word? The MacPhails are really the only people who are so certain Troy Davis killed their loved one. Which is odd, because they weren't there and in light of the lack of evidence it's their grieving heart and their vengeful nature that simply wants to see someone---anyone--- pay for the loss of their son. Even if it is the wrong person. After all... I'm sure the family thinks we look the same too. This is the statement for the Board that recently denied clemency:
Atlanta, GA – This morning, the State Board of Pardons and Paroles issued its decision denying clemency for Troy Anthony Davis. The Board members have not taken their responsibility lightly and certainly understand the emotions attached to a death penalty case.

Since 2000, the Board has commuted three death penalty cases. In considering clemency in such cases, the Board weighs each case on its own merit. The Board has considered the totality of the information presented in this case and thoroughly deliberated on it, after which the decision was to deny clemency.
Faith in the justice system is all but gone at this point, faith in people too.
The names of the Board Members are:
  • James E. Donald -Chair
  • Albert R. Murray-Vice Chair
  • L. Gale Buckner- Member
  • Robert E. Keller- Member
  • Terry E. Barnard- Member
The Public Affairs Office is
Phone: (404) 657-9450

Let them know how you feel.
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