Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Bradley, my 5 year old Boston Terrier woke me up rather early to let him outside this morning. 4:25am. Opening the door, I was met with the horrible, terrible, sensation of cold wind against my skin. WTF! This weather is completely inconsiderate of my wardrobe, my holiday plans, and my slow process of parting with warm weather. Temperatures in the 50s in early September in the Florida are rare. Usually, I am still trying to get in a little beach time, pool time, and cookout time in September---when it’s no longer unbearably hot. A few weeks ago it my car's thermostat reported the temperature to be 109 degrees. It was so hot that the dashboard display flickered for 20 minutes. Now it is effing cold. I never stood a chance. Bradley went out for literally 5 seconds and ran back in the house. He decided to relieve himself when the weather decided to treat us more kindly. I gave it a few choice words before I slammed the door.
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