Monday, August 15, 2011

The Throne was Well...Shiny

Last week my Facebook feed was filled with folks declaring that they've downloaded the Jay-Z/Kanye West collaboration "Watch The Throne" at midnight and intended for it to be the soundtrack to the night's shenanigans.

Then, crickets...for almost a week.

No one applauding the full length album or saying they have a specific song on repeat. No one said they hated it, no one said it was a huge disappointment. That was really concerning. Were people scared to say they hated it? It's ok to not like something but I also knew I couldn't trust their opinion (or their conspicuous lack there of) folks hated Beyonce's recent album "4". I am far from a Beyonce fanatic but she totally made that CD for yours truly. It is full of African-Caribbean beats and nods to the 90s. She didn't have to take such big risks to win over just one fan. She could have just sent me the mixtape.

On the other hand, I am stupid crazy Kanye fan and prior to that a stupid crazy Jay-Z fan. I spend the extra money to get floor seats at their concerts.

You already know what I'm about: flying birds down South
Moving wet off the step, purple rain in a drought
----Jay-Z "What More Can I Say"
Yeah...I'm lame like that, and I had no clue what "wet" was for years. So needless to say I am unfit to give an objective critique of such a collaboration yet still I give it two shrugged shoulders. It was Kanye and Jay being Kanye and Jay. But it was post-808 & Heartbreak and Kingdom Come Kanye and Jay. My biggest concern is that I am unsure if they are still connected to the "masses". All this talk about Audermars Piqet watches and $300 bottles of Champagne burns my stomach. Jay mentions the number of black faces he sees dwindles as they rise in wealth and status, they have a responsibility that is less like Will and Jada and more like Oprah' be relatable. I can't relate to "luxury rap". Not many unemployed Americans who are upside down in their homes and sending their kids to school with one pack of Lunchables but no juice (you know that is not enough food!) can relate to G4 jets or even aspire to. I was a bit distressed by the video of them cutting up the $375K Maybach even if it is going to be auctioned off for charity. (Who's gonna buy that shit anyway?) Lastly, I think the Frank Ocean features from OFWGKTA felt forced, like they were trying to Oprah an artist on me. Yes, I used Oprah as a verb. Don't dictate to me what's cool...just be cool, damn. OFWGKTA is their own beast. But it's hard to be cool on your own when you flying around in jets buying 100s of $10k Hermes bags for your wife's birthday...what do you know about the real world.

But it'll probably be on repeat for at least the next couple of days...because I am a crazy stupid fan and some of their lines were funny as hell.
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