Saturday, August 13, 2011

It all started with the idea that I had too many shoes...

Phew! What an interesting 6 weeks! Well, my birthday has come and gone. I'm still standing...and the back to school commercials are rolling like clock work. I still hate them but I probably purchase a couple packs of college ruled loose leaf paper because I just can't help myself.
      I took a much need break...mental that is, I still have bills to pay. I may have been "away from my desk" but not too far from the T.V. The Debt Ceiling Drama reminds me of why I am a political scientist instead of a politician, the policy wonk instead of the campaign staffer. I can see the game but I lack the emotion to offer it. The Federal Government is not the same as a household and I am a little tired of the comparison. But if it were, I would send my new Mercedes back AND get a higher paying job to pay down my existing debt. Of course, I would also make sure my family members could still get around. So...clearly to not cut spending is silly and to not increase revenue is terribly silly. What makes this NOT similar to a household budget is that the upcoming election is a very real thing. In fact, the very basis of political theories involve the fact that politicians are motivated by the desire to be re-elected. That's it. No really, that's it. Incumbents would trade babies for crack to sell on the street if it would guarantee re-election. Some would sell more than others but everyone would sell.

So with that in mind, campaign money helps one get re-elected, people who actually vote...helps one get re-elected. Most importantly, crazy extremely passionate citizens who vote and are able to infect others with their crazy AND get them to vote...helps get a politician re-elected. Crazy people rule the country.

Where was I...if you ever hear me say I have too many shoes as some sort of "revelation" then know something is wrong. I've thrown some out and I'm off to buy more.

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