Sunday, August 21, 2011

Balance the Crazy

While on vacay a couple of weeks ago I caught Bill Maher proposing a liberal version of the Tea Party. Let me preface this by saying he thought that liberals were spineless in the fact that they have yet to do this. He equates logic and reason with lack of heart. Love, and despise if you ask me, makes the world go round and there ain't nothing rational about the two.  So I get his point.

While the clip was hilarious it caused me to seriously think about this idea of "balancing the crazy". A great deal of people are very, very frustrated with the President. Partially it is about his policies (or lack there of) but mainly that they do not sufficiently address need of any specific interest group in his constituency and even more so his political base (Blacks, Latinos, Gays, low and middle income). He is so middle-of-the road, that no one is happy. Secondly, "the middle" keeps moving farther and farther to the Right due to the extreme views and increasing rise of the Tea Party. (...Median voter theorem) In order to bring the middle the Left really does need to bring the crazy. Now unfortunately, the essence of the political party is that it is all encompassing. So it would be whose left-crazy would we promote? How do we organize the crazy?  We could  do just as much Bible thumping and counter the Evangelicals and the Rights anti-tax/social programs. The Bible says love thy neighbor and we should abide with "... faith, hope, charity, these three: but the greatest of these is charity" (1 Corinthians 13:13) but the left has sooooo many unbelievers it would be difficult to execute (I'm referring to Atheists as upon further study, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam at its core are quite similar). Race/Otherness mitigates issues of class in this country. So this poverty tour, um yeah...while I know we reaaaaally want to, racializing the issue of poverty with out a critical mass almost guarantees it will be ignored. (Though I will note that they did a descent job by including stops in West Virginia and a few in Wisconsin. Outside of Milwaukee I'm willing to put good money down that there isn't a real "Black presence" in those areas.) So again, how does the Left begin to organize the crazy?

The Right has it so easy. For them otherness trumps class all together and the Left is a collection of heathens. Done.

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