Saturday, July 02, 2011

Is College Worth the Investment?

         This seems to be a standard question these days since for the better part of the last decade it has been difficult for a fresh college graduate to get a job. I never thought of working right out of undergrad. In fact, I was in graduate school in Louisiana with in weeks of recieving my bachelor's degree. I should have bottled up that spunk and exuberance...

But to answer the question, is College worth answer is "Do we have a choice?" The price of a College degree is probably as elastic as that of gasoline especially for those who live in the south. Our yards are big and our cities are spralling. If gas rises to 7 dollars people in Atlanta are screwed. Point is, we will keep on buying (car pooling still consumes gas!), this is the same with college degrees. As graduates are rewarded less and less after earning a college degree and the price of a college education is steadily rising., it is practically impossible to NOT get one.

Who do we blame? Increase in the accessiblity of a college education, decrease in non-collegiate alternatives and plant jobs moved overseas? Or my go-to group for scapegoating---Babyboomers?

I really think at some point the price of education will peak. People will no longer persue advanced degrees as a meantime strategy as they wait out the stock market. Instead people will opt to increase work experience or obtain professional credentialling instead of advanced degrees that don't exactly produce a large return on the investment.
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