Monday, July 11, 2011


I am no longer asking "why" or "what's so cool about it?" I'm over the fact that a great deal of the photos I have seen look down right dangerous.

I really want to know would this have even come up with out social networks? I mean would people simply take photos of themselves laying face down on odd objects in odd places and frame it to hang in there home. Or even better, hang in their office to show their co-workers?

Nope. #InternetInsanity
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Miss Blockbuster

                                            (Closed and now a mega-wigs and weave store) 
           A year or so ago Blockbuster began closing close to 960 stores nationwide, this included every location in the city I live in. As Blockbuster shut its doors, I relied more and more on Redbox which appears on every corner, every gas station, Wal-mart and drug stores. It was sad but Blockbuster was hard to miss. It was not until I need a Molly Ringwald fix and wanted to watch Sixteen Candles. Nothing simplifies life and touches me deep down like teen movies of the 80s. At times watching Legally Blonde would suffice but this time I needed the real deal. I looked up and searched for Sixteen Candles and it was

Excuse me. But what the hell was I supposed to do?

          I never thought about how much I would miss Blockbuster. Netflix is not a suitable alternative, it requires commitment. I had the urge to watch The NeverEnding Story the other day and I did NOT want to fill out a form, give my credit card information and take on the burden of remembering to cancel my subscription the next month just to do so.

As much as I love the convenience of Redbox and $1's seemed to cost us so much more.
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Wednesday, July 06, 2011


My birthday is comes up this month. It's close enough that I can't keep ignoring it. As a child I used to interpret my birthday as the first indication that the summer was winding down. Back to school ads would follow the music videos I spent the entire summer watching and I would become queasy. I kinda have that feeling right now.
I'm at that age when each birthday brings super harsh self-criticism about where my life and career is and more particularly isn't. I'm at the age where I 'm begging for the years to slow down so that I may catch up from all that time I wasted on dumb shit.
          Today, I am very overwhelmed with that feeling of catching up, of getting things right, of holding it all together. I am overwhelmed with resentment for wasting my time, energy, and good years not really working out because it's only harder to lose weight now. I am overwhelmed with my job, with my degree program--that I am still doing for goodness sakes--- and the hard work it takes to be a married woman and maintain the loving friendships that have grounded me over the last 15 years. I am mainly overwhelmed with the task of becoming more patient, as I realize that things happen on their own time or God's time--- pretty much anyone else's time but mine. I struggle with the feeling that I can perform well 97% of the time, in every aspect of my life but it is in that 3% when I don't that it actually counts. Feelings like that make it very hard for you to relax.
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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Is College Worth the Investment?

         This seems to be a standard question these days since for the better part of the last decade it has been difficult for a fresh college graduate to get a job. I never thought of working right out of undergrad. In fact, I was in graduate school in Louisiana with in weeks of recieving my bachelor's degree. I should have bottled up that spunk and exuberance...

But to answer the question, is College worth answer is "Do we have a choice?" The price of a College degree is probably as elastic as that of gasoline especially for those who live in the south. Our yards are big and our cities are spralling. If gas rises to 7 dollars people in Atlanta are screwed. Point is, we will keep on buying (car pooling still consumes gas!), this is the same with college degrees. As graduates are rewarded less and less after earning a college degree and the price of a college education is steadily rising., it is practically impossible to NOT get one.

Who do we blame? Increase in the accessiblity of a college education, decrease in non-collegiate alternatives and plant jobs moved overseas? Or my go-to group for scapegoating---Babyboomers?

I really think at some point the price of education will peak. People will no longer persue advanced degrees as a meantime strategy as they wait out the stock market. Instead people will opt to increase work experience or obtain professional credentialling instead of advanced degrees that don't exactly produce a large return on the investment.
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Friday, July 01, 2011

Governor, Thanks?

Florida Governor Rick Scott reverses a move that made the state of Florida the laughing stock of the nation for about a week. Within weeks of taking office he rejected $2.4 billion in federal dollars to aid the state in building a highspeed rail between Orlando and Tampa. The SunRail as the project is called, had been debated for at 2 to 3 years prior to Rick Scott's arrival and was heavily backed by his own Republican party. The move was more than gutsy manuver to stick it to the Obama Administration as it was characterized, it was at the very least ill-informed as it crossed too many people politically and cost the state approximately 70,000 jobs. The case was taken to the Florida Supreme Court and the courts sided with him. (which was crazy)

But now that Rick Scott has made national news as the Governor with the worst approval rating in the country (In the whole freaking United States of America!!!) he has Ok'd the use of the Federal dollars. This is when states like California and North Carolina have their eyes on it. Is it even still available. Luck would have it that it isn't and he just not what to look like the bad guy.
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