Monday, June 06, 2011

What's So Bad About Drug Testing...?

"Studies show that Welfare recipients use drugs more than the rest of the population". ---Florida Governor Rick Scott.

         I watched the Governor's interview yesterday on CNN's Sunday Morning with TJ Holmes (and his handsome self ) in which the Governor defended the new Florida policy on drug testing welfare recipients. It is unfortunate that this policy feeds the misconception of the lazy, welfare queen of the 80's strung out on crack rock (do people still say "crack rock" ??) giving birth to multiple crack babies. Oh yeah, and Black. It is unfortunate that even though there are more White women on the welfare rolls than Black women (Blacks are only 13% of the entire population...duh!) the racialization of issues like this gets these ridiculous and condescending policies passed. What is more unfortunate is this is just another example of how the rich hit the race button to manipulate the masses to support something that is purely beneficial to them.

          The rich have touched upon our in-group/out-group inclinations and need for a distinct underclass that preferably preserves that of which was at the country's founding. Here, we find that now the state will force welfare recipients for drug testing and the Governor (well his wife now) owns shares in a drug testing company. Hmm...oh he said they will be selling it at the end of the month?? To whom? Someone on craigslist? Of course not, it is someone he knows, who too will benefit from such a policy.

            Lastly, it's unfortunate that studies do show increased drug use among Welfare recipients than the population. None of which is more recent than 7or 8 years ago. One in particular out of U.of Michigan concludes that roughly 21% of Welfare recipients that reported recent drug use in their survey but only a very small fraction show a chemical dependency. The National Household Survey of 1997 (1997 Geez!!) Says that 18% households in which one person was a welfare recipient reported drug use in the past year. This is compared to 11% of those without a welfare recipient. In addition, drug use was highest among 12 to 17 year olds and showed no income preference. AND that the results comparing the welfare households should be interpreted with caution because they have MORE YOUTHS! Besides, this isn't even state specific. Florida already tried this before and it was shut down because it showed no difference and was wasteful.

Where is Al Sharpton on this? Better yet, where is Cornel West??? *Crickets*
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