Monday, June 27, 2011

What the F?

North Carolina has had a 50 year policy of forced sterilization of people that are um...less than favorable to society. Read: poor, minorities, unwed mothers, poor minorities, poor unwed mother's who are racial/ethnic minorities. Their Eugenics Board was abolished in 1977, which is crazy. I mean, that is a decade after the Civil Rights era. However, the law was a actual state statute until 2003.

One victim says:
"A social worker convinced my mom to sign for me to undergo an operation that would prevent me from getting pregnant, not knowing all the while that I was being set up to be sterilized like I was some kind of animal."
While this is indeed upsetting, most upsetting is the states response to the victims of such a heinous policy. About 3000 of the more than 7500 citizens are still living but the legislature feels that $50,000 is too much compensation for their citizens who have suffered mutilation.

CNN says "At least seven other states have issued formal apologies for similar eugenics programs. So far, only North Carolina has considered establishing a program to compensate individual victims."

Such a shame.
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