Sunday, June 05, 2011

Too many shoes...

            Often when we loose loved one's we are reminded just how precious life is. It often sparks great dialog about how "tomorrow is not promised"; it encourages people to finally make that gutsy move they have been debating for a years. It forces us to make those uncomfortable phone calls to friends and family members we have been avoiding because well, they are annoying and offensive as hell. They make our blood boil at times...many times...but we can't see life without them.
             Recently, I have been forced to re-assess what matters to me, true in form to when you lose someone you care for. I have come to notice and appreciate all the individuals that provide me support and help my life, as I know it, stay afloat and run. I have come to redefine the term 'family' to extent further than blood and marriage. I have come to the place that with all the abnormalities and my lack of millions, I wouldn't trade my life and those in it for anything. I have come to the conclusion that I have too many shoes.

              When I am overcome with the feeling of having too many shoes, it is a tale-tale sign that I am a little depressed. I'm sad about the loss, but I am not depressed. I'm just over material things and numerous Ivy League degrees. God will not ask you about those in the end. If you don't believe in God, that's even less reason to care. To whom much is given, much is required. I have decreasing patience for those who talk about what that have but not how they give back. I buy shoes and bags because I don't enjoy buying clothes and that is because my weight fluctuates...and I had a need for material things. Faced with those reasons, life is too precious to loose it to emotional eating and spending. So many other things are more important to me than "stuff ".  Now that my definition of family has expanded my idea of "inessential stuff" has too.

I need to clean out my closet.
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