Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Things that I hate

One thing that turns me off, like "flip the light switch and unscrew the light bulb" off, is pure unnecessary rudeness. I especially hate my date being rude to the server at a restaurant and I just was reminded of a few dates during my single days. Ewww. I have been a server/waitress at various restaurants and so I can relate to their experience. But then, it is just plain ugly for a man to be nasty and moody. Gross...

I remembered one man picked on everything our server did "So are you going to give us butter with our bread? I don't see you writing our orders down." Another kept barking at the poor girl and rolling his eyes when she came by our table. This is only going to discourage her from doing so. The next time comes by he asks her out of nowhere "I mean, can I have some more tea in my glass? Dang!" There is a difference between server and servant and one you don't get for only a 6 dollar tip.

Can you believe that man tried to kiss me after that date??? WTF!

One date merely told me an instance of his unnecessary rudeness, which quite frankly revealed his ability to be quite cold.  We were casually discussing our past relationships-- the point in which many first date conversations tend to travel--over Jimmy John subs and sodas. Here this man was boasting about how he would see his past girlfriend of 4 years in the street and walk right by her. They broke up over a misunderstanding for goodness sakes and because he was a stubborn jerk. Yet, he told of how they still share mutual friends and he could stand next to her and not say a word. This is despite her many attempts to make contact. He laughed and spoke of it as though he should be commended and they had been broken up over a year! I later told him that I can't see us hanging out because he was an evil bastard mean-spirited. And that was that. He didn't accept it right away but his persistence couldn't change my mind. I could tell deep down in my soul...that he'd be the type of man who'd be rude to a waitress.
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