Thursday, June 09, 2011

Talk About Oil Spills!

Yesterday's feature on In Focus w/ Alan Taylor  over at The Atlanta looks at Nigeria and it's oil industry, in photos of course.
Nigeria is the world's 8th largest producer of crude oil, yet remains one of its poorest nations -- an estimated 70 percent of its 150 million residents live below the poverty line. The environment is paying a steep price as well. An estimated 500 million gallons of oil have spilled into the delta -- the equivalent of roughly one Exxon Valdez disaster per year.
And that is as damn shame.

One of the fundamental issues that I have with my country of heritage is the level of inequality. There is no discernible middle class. If almost 70 percent is poor, almost 30 percent of the population is relatively rich and benefits from the corruption and poor management and distribution of the country's resources. Don't know how they operate with a clear conscience.

Check out the remaining 30 photos here.
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