Tuesday, May 24, 2011

While We Were Preparing for the Rapture, Gov. Scott signed the "Elections Bill"

The economy had to have experienced a little jolt this past week as Christians that are clearly unfamiliar with the Bible prepared for the Apocalypse that was scheduled for May 21, 2011 at 6pm. Seriously? I understand the human desire to be forewarned but the Rapture isn't something that can be scheduled in a Blackberry. Can you imaging the 10 minute reminder? Rapture in 10 mins. Then what, you'd hit snooze??

Sadly people maxed out credit cards, quit jobs, gave away life savings and the media much more sadly covered it. What's worse is that as we were watching, laughing but anxiously looking at our clocks, two days earlier the Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law a bill to fight against the Lockness Monster of American democracy--Voter Fraud.

The issue of Voter Fraud could very well be taken seriously if number one, didn't fall on party lines and number two, was indeed an actual issue. National voter turnout hovers around 50% during presidential elections and 37% during midterm elections. Citizens aren't exactly clamoring to vote so it's hard for me to imagine covetous non-citizens scheming to have their one vote count. It is unfortunate because the very ill it is supposed to correct is what it will perpetrate. HB1355 or the "Elections Bill" as it is commonly referred, makes it harder to register, harder to vote and harder for your vote to actually be counted. Voter registration groups like the League of Women Voters (a.k.a. the nice old ladies asking if you are a registered voter) once had 10 days to turn in forms from registration drives. Now it is shortened to 2.  It sets a deadline for voters to update their legal address, nullifying a law that for 4 decades allowed them to do so on Polling Day. It also reduces the number of early voting days from 15 days to 8 days.

What does this all mean? Well studies show that increases in voter turnout tend to favor Democrats, so to suppress turnout would likely do the opposite. College students often have a permanent address and the one they actually live in and the new deadlines would make it difficult for them. Obama's victory is largely attributed to the youth vote. The League of Women Voters, who have a century long tradition of encouraging people to do their civic duty have said they will no longer operate in Florida because the strict deadline and fees that accompany it if unmet make it .... Wage-earners who are often lower income and/or minorities utilized the early voting provision and instead of 2 weeks you just get one.

So guess who is the big proponent of fighting voter fraud? Republicans!! I believe the reasoning is if the election doesn't have the outcome that we desire than it must be a result of fraud. We Americans like to believe our elections are just and would fight to make sure it is so. (Although times have changed, people don't fight anymore we just make Facebook pages about it.) So while we weren't watching, the Republican Governor of Florida signed into law a bill that effectively rigs elections in the state. How about that for democracy?
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