Thursday, May 05, 2011

So I'm Wrong for Wanting to See the Post-Mortem Photos?

Sorry, but this is the country that invaded Iraq and killed Saddam Hussein as a response to 911. This is the country that has the national treasury set up and run by Goldman Sachs operatives (employees, past present and future) that preaches free market principles but literally provides welfare for the rich. Please don't give me a lecture about government trust. Yes, I wanted to see the picture of Osama Bin Laden deceased. The same way I can draw up a picture of Saddam Hussein dead in my memory bank. It is only fair and right if you ask me. The government insulted our intelligence (mine at least) with the war in Iraq knowing full well that the uber-wealthy Bin Ladens invested heavily in a banking group that Daddy Bush represented. Google isn't a secret. Hell, it was in a movie...the country reelected George W. anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if the Bush family had a hand in hiding him. Funny no one is pushing that rumor. Makes better sense than Obama being born in Kenya in spite of contrary evidence.  But I digress.

I do understand and respect the decision to not show the photos. If it was gruesome, than that is just out of sheer human dignity not to show it. I wish they (U.S. media) would have done the same for the victims of Katrina in New Orleans and the Earthquake in know they way they did NOT show gruesome dead bodies in Japan.  Human dignity...for those they consider human...but again...I digress. I respect that they buried him right away in accordance with what ever form of Islam Osama Bin Laden observed (though buried at sea =dumped in the ocean). I am glad that they aimed not to disrespect Islam. We are at war with Fanaticism not Islam. (We got bombs for crazy Christians too read: Hitler)

I understand that giving people nothing, no grave site, so photos or video, limits Bin Laden's martyrdom. This provides no pictures to hold in the street as people scream for revenge, no grave site to journey to. But what that does is leave Americans with a gaping hole in our hearts and minds. Holes that we are asked to fill with "trust". Seriously? The condescending comments about those who still need to see the photos speaking to "what type of people they are" from Rachael Maddow was actually really annoying.

Considering this is the Obama administration and not Bush...I hope Osama Bin Laden is dead. I hope the government is telling the truth. Hope I have quite a bit of. Trust, not as much.
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