Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saddest Ring of Fire: Battle for the Republican Ticket

The Republican heavyweights are begging, really begging, for a real candidate. This upcoming Presidential election is about to be as bad as the Lakers vs the Mavs. A big Sweep. In May 2007, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Edwards had officially launched their campaigns. I had already attended an Obama rally. In the race for the Republican primary, McCain was already leading Romney and Giuliani in the polls. Fast forward to the 2012 campaign and President Obama is practically running unopposed.

Let's see, Jeb Bush has said (repeatedly) he refuses to run. Rubio has refused. Huckabee has just announced that he is not running and was wasting our time. Trump has come to his senses and decided not to run. I mean, you can't base your whole campaign on that Birther non-sense. I can't really name any other candidate besides Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the Republican Ralph Nader. He just feels obliged to run. Republicans don't even like Mitt Romney.But then...they didn't like McCain either. A Massachusetts Republican is like a Southern Democrat and Romney is trying very hard to live down RomneyCare. Oh wait, there is Tim Pawlenty and I don't care to know more.

At this point the race for the Republican challenger looks like the high school talent show that no one wants to participate in...except for the lameOs
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