Sunday, May 01, 2011

Professor Excited

I have finally tallied my students final grades and posted them to the student web page and I am answering the last of the following emails. Dear Professor O. ,

  • are you grading on a curve? (I said in the beginning no, never, will not)
  • Did this include all of the extra credit? (Holding on to a sliver of hope I see...)
  • I turned in Quiz X, where is my grade? (Mind you, the student also had the opportunity to simply resubmit it, I mean it was typed in Microsoft Word. Don't you have it saved? Ugh! Clearly...the student did not complete the assignment)
  • I don't believe that my final grade reflects what I have learned in your course, can my second exam count instead. (Really?)
These pale in comparison to the down right irate and indignant emails that my colleagues are receiving. One student requested that the final exam be canceled due to the tornadoes in Alabama and Tennessee ...we live in Florida. He didn't think it was fair that Alabama students finals are suspended but we will still proceed. Seriously. 

I am probably more excited about the summer than the students are. I was admittedly on auto-pilot this semester. All their quizzes were take home. I rarely made new questions or slides. They were a bright bunch but I was plagued with this feeling that I wasn't getting through to them. I wasn't changing any lives. It's sad because teaching the African American Studies Intro course was something that I usually found quite gratifying. I am going to use this summer to get some of that passion back.

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