Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For Real???

Over at TheYBF they report that Naomi Campbell says she is willing to sue Cadbury over their ad that states
Move over Naomi, there is a new diva in town
I preface this by saying that I am aware of society's obsession with skin-complexion and the debilitating complex that many Black people have regarding it, especially Black women. I will also say that I also recognize that "I am not that dark". I actually hate when people go there when we have discussions about skin color and its psychological effect, but I can admit that it may present a difference in perspective. That said...I am utterly confused and terribly embarrassed by this. Chocolate has always been a complement for a brown skinned lady and one I am sure Naomi Campbell in the past has happily accepted. As you can see on the photo on the left, the theme might be in fact "Sexual Chocolate".

My issue is two-fold. Naomi is notorious for being a Diva, so is Mariah Carey but Naomi more so. No reference was made to her skin color in the slightest. We cannot assume that every Black woman takes 'Chocolate' as a compliment. however the photo with the chocolate Playboy bunny is more damning and she willingly posed for it. Interesting, right? Perhaps she was upset with being called a diva. Fair enough but PLEASE don't call it racist. People...White, Black and Others throw the term racist around like it's a joke. It has been diluted with nonsense that we can't really tell what is racist. Seriously, purposefully disenfranchising ex-felons after they have paid their debt to society ONLY in states with the highest percentage of minorities is racist. Yes, actual prisoners can vote in some New England states.

There are real issues of racism and this sort of thing sets Blacks and other minorities back. She should show some social responsibility.
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