Tuesday, May 10, 2011

For Good Reason...

I suffer from a chronic illness called Procrastination. It is something that I have to manage daily, but I often have serious flare ups. Another blog posted that Forever 21 had an "I love My Hair" tank for $13.50. I quickly followed the link and added the tank to my shopping cart. But you see, I needed a total of $50 to qualify for free shipping. I'm too cheap to just buy random things and Forever 21 has a discouraging return policy. So...I waited. A couple of days later it was sold out! *fists in the air*

So for the past few days I have been (1) kicking myself (2) checking Forever 21 to see if they have restocked and (3) looking for alternatives. It was in my search for alternatives that I noticed that (well it was pointed out) that the girl on the Forever 21 shirt was much lighter than the alternatives and the original character.  I am sure it would be argued that it was done to broaden the market for the t-shirt. This way Black, Latino, Jewish and Middle Eastern people with curly textures could wear the shirt.

Sure. But then again, it goes against everything that the character was created for. A little Ethiopian girl wanted to look like kids she saw in class, women she saw on T.V. and her adopted parents. It was expressed first through her disdain for her hair, but next it would be her skin. It's the natural progression of things in a society that primes us at birth to hate ourselves. Even when it's a smiling face telling you to in fact, love yourself.
For $10 dollars extra you can get a shirt with character with her original brown skin here. I guess I missed buying it on the low for good reason.  That would have been $13.50 down the drain.
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