Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Why Ivory Coast Matters

I have sat down to watch my evening news and for the last 2 hours on CNN I have seen only half a segment on the political unrest in Ivory Coast. I as grow weary of the constant bombardment of information on Libya, from the important to the mundane, I can't help but grow increasingly outraged in regards to the Western world's response to Ivory Coast and Libya. I take that back. Just the USA. Europe will at least cover the Ivory Coast. In the various conversations I've had over the past few days just recite that the Ivory Coast doesn't matter. Am I supposed to be O.K. with that? I am not. I posted this status update on Facebook, you know the internet vehicle of modern day revolutions:

‎"It's a strategic move to focus humanitarian efforts in Libya and not in the Ivory Coast. Oil is worth more than Cocoa and Coffee." But is it really? I know many a person who would loose it if the price of a mocha latte, or bottle of cocoa butter or snickers bar jumped as much as gas did recently. Call it what it is, hypocrisy, and western society valuing one group's "humanity" over another.
This is only confirmed by the lack of coverage in the media. The news only covers real news and tragedies. You know, earthquakes People in the Middle East fighting. Obviously Africans killing themselves on the continent or the Diaspora is news to no one.

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