Friday, April 01, 2011

Snooki Worth More than Nobel Prize Winner

At least to Rutgers, the State Unversity of New Jersey a university that I used to have respect for. My favorite author (by default, long story) Toni Morrison is scheduled to be the university's commencement speaker in may . But Snooki reportedly spoke this Thursday at the university about her usual shenanigans and was paid $2000 more than the university is paying Toni Morrison to speak at commencement. I have two very important questions:

Who should be more ashamed/embarrassed? Toni Morrison or the University? If I were Snooki I would be embarrassed, not if I made as much as Toni Morrison but certainly in this circumstance in which I earned more. I believe in modesty. I'd also be fully aware that I am the center/cause of a despicable situation. Like getting caught in a public place with your pants down. Embarrassed indeed.

Secondly, are we serious? I laughed when she Snooki that is, became a New York Times Bestselling author, about what I am not sure. But it was a sarcastic laugh, not a congratulatory one! We are slowly legitimizing foolishness. It has in fact been legitimized. We as a society no longer value the art of acting, or producing. We no longer value education. The time someone has taken to develop and fine tune a craft. Any craft...the time to study any discipline. It is certainly a sign of the times when a place of scholarship doesn't value a fellow scholar. And with my 20's dumped in the swirling toilet of education, the joke is on me.  Nene once made a comment about fellow Real Housewives cast mate Phaedra, that with all Phaedra's education and lawyerly accomplishments...they were in the same place, on the same show. So it doesn't matter. Joke's on me. April fool's day indeed. 
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