Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seriously, No Seriously, What happened to her Butt?

The name Jennifer Lopez was synonymous with great dance moves and a big ol' booty.I remember critiques calling her fat and when she slimmed a little...the booty remained. I remember thinking I want a butt like that and as the Brazilian butt lift became popular, I remember others wanting that too. As Beyonce grew to be a prominent figure, she too faced the same scrutiny as mainstream standards of perfection doesn't include curves...and namely, a big ol' booty. But Beyonce and her rib-cracking, knee-smashing father and former manager convinced critiques that being "bootylicious" was not only fine but fantastic! People no longer referred to Beyonce as fat, but in ways praised her backside. It made me feel for J.Lo she was really the backside pioneer in mainstream media and now the likes of Kim Kardashian can make a big booty a bonafide career.

There was nothing Jennifer Lopez could do, P90x or Yoga that butt wasn't going anywhere. Or was it? As I have been inspecting my aging booty lately I realized that there hasn't been much speak of J.Lo's butt lately. Why? Because it freaking vanished! Where did it go? Did she finally surrender to the power of the glossy Vogue pages. Or was she told by one too many that her booty was what chained her to "urban" when she longed for mainstream...and mainstream she has become.

 As I gear up for a full month of squats, I truly believe that loosing a butt is a tragedy. My husband convinced me of that. I guess Marc Anthony did the opposite.
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