Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Old and Tired.

Sometimes, I think the world isn't going to change. Nothing is going to make a difference. Is this a result of my getting older or am I just tired? I am frustrated by the enormous amount of stubborn ignorance. I understand not knowing... it's something simply refuse or ignore "knowledge."

I kinda want to build a proverbial bubble to live in with a password that grants access to only super special people. Forget the activist, scholar aspirations. Forget discussions with the intention to dispel myths and stereotypes. People like stereotypes! They crave it... like smoking meth. Clearly dangerous but for some damn reason people keep using it.

 I met a woman yesterday who says she keeps her hair in kinky twists because with it short and natural she looks like a slave. I mean WTF...I'm so overwhelmed. All of this  "For us, by us", be proud, community empowerment stuff really doesn't matter, huh? Self-hatred is too deep rooted. Any hoo, I came across this article on The Hill blog by Armstrong Williams and he states...
Restrictions on immigration are not necessarily racist. There is a good argument to make that America restrict immigration to maintain the country’s culture and to facilitate assimilation. My personal belief is that we should have one American melting pot. I think the multiculturalism now in vogue in certain circles results in a Balkanized America.
Looking like one of my uncle's that just arrived here 10 years ago.
I almost peed on myself and passed out at my desk...simultaneously. But for the grace of God... so tired can't even piece an argument together.
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