Monday, April 25, 2011

Gas or Shoes?

I think I haven't walked into a Foot Locker or Champs in about 2 years. I probably was shopping for my husband. I don't wear sneakers unless I am working out, going to an amusement park or hiking. 2 of 3 I don't do very often. I'll let you guess. So it was out of pure curiosity that I walked into a Foot Locker this weekend. What type of shoes are the kiddies rocking now? But most importantly, how much do those suckers cost.

Growing up when we finally convinced our parents to stop buying us sneakers from Wal-mart and K-mart (shout out to Spaldings and Dunlaps!!)... we only received one new pair of sneakers a year. Either Christmas or during back to school shopping and we HAD to make it count. We spent months flipping through Eastland magazines and visiting shoes stores looking for the coolest shoe in the price range my parents would buy. I think the most expensive shoe ever bought in our house was a pair of Shawn Kemps for my brother at $79.99. He and I wore the same size at that time so I wore them occasionally myself. Trust.

I know that there are $100 pairs of shoes, the red and black patent leather Jordans were $100. But I think that is completely ridiculous. But with the wave of wearing classics (which is the last time I paid attention to sneakers) I figured that the demand for $100 sneakers would sharply decline.

I asked for the price of the shoes in the poster held by Amare Stoutmire of the NY Knicks. $160. Gas prices are rising and apparently so is the price of sneakers. The ads are targeted to the population in which $160 is a considerable proportion of their take-home income. So many are choosing between gas or shoes? It's costly to be cool these days.

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