Monday, April 11, 2011

Burqa Ban Takes Effect in France

Seeing that France is really serious about restricting religious freedom in their country, this is one of those times, when I appreciate the U.S. Now, I do believe that we are just one unmonitored congressional session away from banning it ourselves but we have not yet. There is something to be said about that. The Atlantic states...
Failure to comply with the law could mean a 150 euro fine (30,000 euro fine for those forcing a women to wear the clothing), enrollment in citizenship classes and, possibly, a criminal record.

Kinda not cool.President Nicolas Sarkozy says that the burqa is a "sign of debasement" that undermines the ideals of equality in a secular society. Ok. I hear you, it is a religious symbol of subservience of women in a secular society. I get it. But do you know what is a secular symbol of subservience? Tight mini-skirts and whatever it is that Amber Rose has on a Friday night. The fact that there is a sense of obligation involved with wearing it for movie roles, modeling deals, to simply keeping your man interested attests to the subservience of women in the secular world. Banning burqa's in France is no different than banning mini-skirts in places governed by Sharia Law. There I said it.

Some women actually want to wear it as a sign of modesty. A Hijab, just covering the head and around the chin, is still legal. It is unfortunate that some are forced to wear it and that by western secular standards it is a prison for wear,  but to restrict someone's choice in response is hypocritical.
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