Monday, March 21, 2011

Sun Shiny Day

Tallahassee is a pretty place to be right now. I'm not only talking about the cloudless sky and the 80 weather here but that the Florida State Seminoles have advanced to the Sweet Sixteen. When was the last time that happened?!? Oh 1993.

FSU has never really been considered a Basketball school. In fact, my Alma Mater was THE football school in a conference of Basketball schools i.e. Maryland, Duke, UNC. But for whatever reason, I looked around Sunday morning to find that FSU had won their Friday game against Texas A&M and was still in the Tournament. "You have to watch the game tonight, Yaya" my younger brother told me. "It's just might be their last game of the tournament". Oh sure I'll watch, but I refused to get my hopes up even with at steady lead that was as far as 23 points. "You have to get excited, it just might be their last game. Enjoy the moment." I did. Florida State beat #2 seed Notre Dame 71-57.  And I am because while days like this, sunny, warm and amazing come fairly often, they don't always include FSU and University of Florida fans hugging each other (ever, much less congratulating each about basketball) because the two rivals made the Sweet Sixteen. So we are all smiles here in Tallahassee and perhaps even Florida at large. Florida is called the Sunshine State but I believe that the sun is going to shine a little brighter for the next few days.
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