Monday, March 07, 2011

NeNe Leakes is Omarosa for 2011

I had a good solid discussion about NeNe and Madea with my BFF a while back. My girl HATES Madea, Tyler Perry and believes Tyler Perry is making money from ridiculing Black women and perpetuating stereotypes. . Well, I think Madea is funny and can not in any shape or form be taken seriously. She is a man in drag for goodness sake. However, we find that NeNe Leakes is revered if you will, for "keeping it real" and "speaking her mind" not caring how anyone else views her. Ok. *shrugs*

Everyone knows a NeNe.  Hell, you might just be a NeNe therefore you think this is acceptable behavior. My issue isn't simply that she is obnoxious but that of ALL the personalities on The Real Housewives of Atlanta she becomes the breakout star. My issue is that once again she is famous because this is what the American public is familiar with. The loud, unrefined, bitter, angry Black woman. Unfortunately this one, unlike Madea is one that the intellectuals have no issue with. So BravoTv makes money, lots of money, peddling this ignorance. She holds the record for the most aparences in the "Watch What Happens" clubhouse with Andy Cohen  of all housewives...ever. Because she brings in the ratings. Black people aren't the only people watching this, thus this is what the public enjoys. People had such an issue with Omarosa in the early 2004 because she seemed to be a walking stereotype. So I also have an issue because she represents a great deal of hypocrisy.

The Root has a great article written by Jacque Reid describing the impact this and other shows like Basketball Wives have on our young girls. Sure I watch it, but 1--I am grown, 2--- I have no kids and 3 --I was lucky enough to have parents that regulated what I watched. I realize comparatively speaking that I had a lot more quality programing in my youth than kids today. Everything Claire Huxtable stood for is dead. Even Thea (Google it!!). Dead  and gone.

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