Thursday, February 24, 2011

I once saw a Bugatti in Miami...

...And it was fairly recently. One of my best friends wedded in Miami (Sunny Isle actually) by the beach at a hotel on Collins. An amazing sports car pulls into the street from an equally amazing high-rise condo building. I honestly didn't know the make of the car but I knew it was pretty darn expensive. Ferrari expensive. It was red, white and black and looked as it had just enough room for me and my imaginary Chloe bag...(nope I don't dream of $15,000 Hermes bags as they are quite literally beyond my imagination.) I found that it was a Bugatti when I read a month later that Beyonce purchased the vehicle for her husband Jay-Z at the tune of $2million dollars. I thought of course that it was a disgusting amount to spend on a depreciating item, but most certainly it was because Beyonce got it custom made for her husband. Who else is mentally and morally capable of buying a $2 million dollar car?

I watched American Greed yesterday and this week's con man was also from South Florida and with his investors' money that he stole...he purchased, among many other exotic cars...a Bugatti Veyron at the reasonable price of  $2 million dollars. Excuse me? So this car actually costs $2 million!?

So I drove past a Denny's and IHOP and sat a the stop light with an individual so disconnected with the real world that they were able to rationalize purchasing a 2 million dollar car. Not a plane, house, boat, piece of land, school or collection of buses...on a single two-seater car. What kind of gas does it take? Can it even be insured?  I believe spending money like that is a sin. $300,000 for a car is fairly ridiculous to me, $700,000 is obnoxious... this is pure sin.
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