Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Florida Judge rules Affordable Care Act Unconstitutional...the WHOLE law

Yesterday afternoon at work, the Legislative Affairs office a few doors down was abuzz as word came that Judge Vinson here in Florida struck down Obama's Health Care Law. My first thought was, "Goodness! All that "contingency" planning we did for months is all up in smoke!" My second thought was "really, the whole law?"

Virgina and Michigan both have brought challenges to the law. These challenges have been struck down in the Federal court, however, in Virginia the Federal judge did rule the mandate of health insurance unconstitutional. I agree.*clutching my Voter ID showing I'm a registered Democrat* 

There are more than a dozen more suits by states and private parties filed in the Federal courts right now.

Florida filed their own lawsuit and a number of states piggy-backed if you will, on the same suit...totaling 26 states. The Florida lawsuit (I was told in a meeting...) was quite ambitious in its challenge of the law. The Virginia federal judge stopped short of ruling the entire law void. But you know Florida...

Having read a considerable amount of the law I have to say there are some great policies to be put forth. Fantastic, expensive yes, but so is my handbag and I love it. Unlike my handbag, a great deal of it is necessary. AND with a increasing number of states turning to managed care companies to administer Medicaid, ObamaCare really is the private sectors playground. They just don't like all the toys.

The Senate will not vote on repealing the law so we have to see what happens when it goes to the Supreme Court.

So what does this all mean in the meantime? *shrugs*
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