Friday, February 25, 2011

Five in a pack undies...we've come full circle

10 years ago I wore thongs everyday. I was young and I had just stopped wearing the five-in-a-pack undies after learning the purpose of thongs from my friends on an embarrassing shopping trip. Thongs ensured that I had the right underwear for every outfit. In my mid-twenties regained the appreciation for panties that actually covered one's bottom during an extended period of not dating. I couldn't believe that I was depriving myself of that kind of comfort, especially during the winter. From that point I would choose a variety of underwear during Victoria's Secret's 5 for $25 sale. Of course, because Victoria's Secret is the only kind of underwear I should own.

Due to my incredibly busy schedule...and perhaps a little laziness, I had to make the dash to Target for new undies.  Excuse me, but these feel freaking fantastic!  Five-in-a-pack undies, yes like the ones I wore as a child. Except these were color-coordinated and dare I briefs and not covered with pictures of Strawberry Shortcake.

 Now that I am older and married my priorities have changed. At 5 for $7 why spend $25 on Victoria's Secret panties? In addition, the Hubby-boo likes variety, no matter how fancy. Just how much money am I expected to spend on panties in a year!?! We have come full circle. Back to the mighty Five-in-a-packs. Now on to grown woman shapewear.
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