Friday, February 25, 2011

Five in a pack undies...we've come full circle

10 years ago I wore thongs everyday. I was young and I had just stopped wearing the five-in-a-pack undies after learning the purpose of thongs from my friends on an embarrassing shopping trip. Thongs ensured that I had the right underwear for every outfit. In my mid-twenties regained the appreciation for panties that actually covered one's bottom during an extended period of not dating. I couldn't believe that I was depriving myself of that kind of comfort, especially during the winter. From that point I would choose a variety of underwear during Victoria's Secret's 5 for $25 sale. Of course, because Victoria's Secret is the only kind of underwear I should own.

Due to my incredibly busy schedule...and perhaps a little laziness, I had to make the dash to Target for new undies.  Excuse me, but these feel freaking fantastic!  Five-in-a-pack undies, yes like the ones I wore as a child. Except these were color-coordinated and dare I briefs and not covered with pictures of Strawberry Shortcake.

 Now that I am older and married my priorities have changed. At 5 for $7 why spend $25 on Victoria's Secret panties? In addition, the Hubby-boo likes variety, no matter how fancy. Just how much money am I expected to spend on panties in a year!?! We have come full circle. Back to the mighty Five-in-a-packs. Now on to grown woman shapewear.
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I once saw a Bugatti in Miami...

...And it was fairly recently. One of my best friends wedded in Miami (Sunny Isle actually) by the beach at a hotel on Collins. An amazing sports car pulls into the street from an equally amazing high-rise condo building. I honestly didn't know the make of the car but I knew it was pretty darn expensive. Ferrari expensive. It was red, white and black and looked as it had just enough room for me and my imaginary Chloe bag...(nope I don't dream of $15,000 Hermes bags as they are quite literally beyond my imagination.) I found that it was a Bugatti when I read a month later that Beyonce purchased the vehicle for her husband Jay-Z at the tune of $2million dollars. I thought of course that it was a disgusting amount to spend on a depreciating item, but most certainly it was because Beyonce got it custom made for her husband. Who else is mentally and morally capable of buying a $2 million dollar car?

I watched American Greed yesterday and this week's con man was also from South Florida and with his investors' money that he stole...he purchased, among many other exotic cars...a Bugatti Veyron at the reasonable price of  $2 million dollars. Excuse me? So this car actually costs $2 million!?

So I drove past a Denny's and IHOP and sat a the stop light with an individual so disconnected with the real world that they were able to rationalize purchasing a 2 million dollar car. Not a plane, house, boat, piece of land, school or collection of buses...on a single two-seater car. What kind of gas does it take? Can it even be insured?  I believe spending money like that is a sin. $300,000 for a car is fairly ridiculous to me, $700,000 is obnoxious... this is pure sin.
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Luna de Miel

I was out. Out for love. Enjoying cans of Balboa and warm breezy nights hand-in-hand with the Hubby-boo in Panama. Though my husband and I got married a few months ago, we had to delay our Honeymoon. And what better time than a week that includes Valentine's Day to get away?

It was, relaxing, culturally enriching, and romantic. I was reluctant to leave, but I am happy now that I am back in the swing of things. Maybe I will post pictures...sometime. 
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Friday, February 04, 2011

No more House sessions on C-Span, what will Jon Stewart do?

Boehner denies C-SPAN right to film on House floor 

C-SPAN has been airing the House of Representative's sessions for the past 32 years but Speaker Rep. Boehner denied their renewal request. Does he have another option in mind?

While I live for the C-SPAN clips on the Daily Show I they're the only ones watching that channel.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What in icy hell is this?

During my day's blog reading, a fellow reader left a comment on Ta-Nehisi Coates' blog over at The Atlantic that  Former U.S. congressman Bob Barr is representing Haiti's exiled former president Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier.

Well, I just recently gained an appreciation for the foolishness this man gifted the people of Haiti in the 80's. Talk of corruption and grotesque government spending? Here's the man. 60 minutes at is wished to remind the public of Baby Doc and the report by the Late Ed Bradley (who I LOVED) as he has now returned to Haiti. I'm glad I watched it. 


  • Haiti was a poor country and the President and his gorgeous wife lived lavish off the NATIONAL TREASURY!
  • The first lady spent $1.7million dollars (yes I said dollars) from the national Treasury on a shopping spree in Paris.
  • She also bough refrigerators for her fur coats. AND they would have a wing of their mansion icy cold so they and other rich Haitians could sit and wear their furs. You know, because Haiti is in the Caribbean. Completely outrageous.
  • When the Haitians protested (similar to what we are witnessing in Egypt) the Duvaliers fled the country but not before raiding the NATIONAL TREASURY for hundreds of millions of dollars. Leaving only a few hundred thousand. Complete ridiculousness.
  • Let us not forget his family's reign of terror, killing tens of thousands of Haitians
So Bob Barr takes up with the likes of this individual. Now he says its to free the funds to help the people of Haiti as they are suffering right now. I don't trust him with access to that type of money. But maybe everyone deserves a chance to make things right?
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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Florida Judge rules Affordable Care Act Unconstitutional...the WHOLE law

Yesterday afternoon at work, the Legislative Affairs office a few doors down was abuzz as word came that Judge Vinson here in Florida struck down Obama's Health Care Law. My first thought was, "Goodness! All that "contingency" planning we did for months is all up in smoke!" My second thought was "really, the whole law?"

Virgina and Michigan both have brought challenges to the law. These challenges have been struck down in the Federal court, however, in Virginia the Federal judge did rule the mandate of health insurance unconstitutional. I agree.*clutching my Voter ID showing I'm a registered Democrat* 

There are more than a dozen more suits by states and private parties filed in the Federal courts right now.

Florida filed their own lawsuit and a number of states piggy-backed if you will, on the same suit...totaling 26 states. The Florida lawsuit (I was told in a meeting...) was quite ambitious in its challenge of the law. The Virginia federal judge stopped short of ruling the entire law void. But you know Florida...

Having read a considerable amount of the law I have to say there are some great policies to be put forth. Fantastic, expensive yes, but so is my handbag and I love it. Unlike my handbag, a great deal of it is necessary. AND with a increasing number of states turning to managed care companies to administer Medicaid, ObamaCare really is the private sectors playground. They just don't like all the toys.

The Senate will not vote on repealing the law so we have to see what happens when it goes to the Supreme Court.

So what does this all mean in the meantime? *shrugs*
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