Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When being mean-spirited on eBay goes bad

I hate to loose. Like many of those suffering from type-A personalities, I can easily imagine the most ordinary happenstance a competition. When I am limited by my abilities to win this imaginary competition conceived out of the incessant need for self-validation...I get a little mean. I'm working on it.

So eBay may not be the best place to lurk during your down time and I have fallen to temptation once again. I was bidding on a black croc-embossed leather handbag that I already own in red only to engage in a bidding war with another individual. Being limited by my current purse strings I was not willing to bid over a certain point for a bag that I ALREADY own just to throw it in my heap of black leather handbags. But instead of conceding the bid war, like a normal person...I felt since I couldn't have the bag, the other individual should have to pay a great deal for it. So I pushed and pushed until I was the highest bidder. *Yes!*

But the other individual didn't counter bid. *Damn!*

So now I am sitting here watching the clock run on a bag that I wouldn't buy in the store for that price...BECAUSE I ALREADY HAVE IT IN RED!

Like I said...I'm working on it.
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