Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thanks for playing!

Yesterday my college alma mater Florida State University beat the top ranked basketball team, the almighty-professional NBA star factory Duke University. FSU beat Duke 66-61 (more than a buzzer shot!) ending their 25 game losing streak.

It sucks losing to a unranked team but great for the underdog! As you can imagine, the fans were so excited they rushed the court (something I would never, ever do). I happen to also teach at my Alma Mater and currently have a couple of players in my course. They had a tough quiz today in my early morning class. I almost felt bad for them after such an emotional win. They couldn't have possibly finished up before midnight.  Sucks to be them. But I did tell them "good game". That's my idea of being a considerate instructor.

What is more interesting is though Duke loses to an unranked team, unlike college football they do not tumble down the polls to #13 and FSU is not offered a rank. So whats the point? "Good Game" though.
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