Monday, January 24, 2011

Poison pork: Pigs on steroids?

Once in a while there is a strong campaign to end my love affair with pork. A number of close mates don't touch "that swine" but I for one love pork ribs, sausage, pork chops, bacon, ham sandwiches... Hell, I may even eat pork rinds occasionally. Pork tends to have a negative reputation in my circles but it tastes delicious and barbecue sauce is abundant. It is hard to resist.

However according to the Washington Post they are feeding their pigs clenbuterol or "lean meat powder" as its called. It is a feed additive that reduces the fat in pigs and makes their meat appear very pink thus seeming fresher longer after butchering. Unfortunately, those who are eating pig tainted with hydroxycut for pigs are running to the hospital sick! What is worse is if you paid top dollar for this at the restaurant only to be sick as a dog. (Do you think the dogs eat the meat too?)

Farmers use clenbuterol because it increases profits in two ways: It speeds up the growth of animals to get them to market quicker and creates lean meat and similar to the organic craze here in the States, customers are willing to pay extra for lean meat. Customers don't have many feasible alternatives if they want to eat pork. Pork from organic farms in china costs almost 3 times as much as what floods the supermarkets.

Though I live in the U.S. I may consider taking a break from eating pork. Well, at least use beef pork in my red beans and rice tonight.
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