Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mother Jailed for Sending Child Falsely to a Better School District

I came upon this story today

A mother used her children's father's address to send them to a better school than the one her home was zoned in.

This happens everyday. Hell, I have a number of close friends that used their Grandmothers' address to gain access to the better schools in my hometown. We can't blame this lady for trying to give her children a better opportunity. Many of us aren't even in the place to judge as we would pay to have any relative zoned for the good school.

Unfortunately, "better" and "good" schools are just euphemisms for white schools. And that mother looking to give her children the opportunity for a better education is a poor black woman that instead of accepting her circumstance chose to defraud the school system and send her children to the "white school".

I am unsure how to feel about this. I believe in school choice but am not in support of school vouchers as school districts often have a dollar amount alloted for each school per student. Therefore, this woman sending her daughters to the better, rich school actually contributes to her home school's lack of resources. Secondly, fraud is fraud. She is guilty of fraud, just as my friends who used their grandmothers' addresses to attend the schools with working water fountains, a swim team, and textbooks they could actually take home.

Judge Patricia Cosgrove gave the mother, Kelly Williams-Bolar 10 days in jail, two years of probation and ordered her to complete 80 hours of community service. This is completely ridiculous and is obviously meant to send a message...

But all I hear is "don't try to send your kids to the white--I mean rich school and get your nasty poor people breath all over our kids. We have no respect for the less advantaged for you are all expressed or latent thugs and we will treat you as such."

I hear you Akron, Ohio.

[photo via NewsOne]
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