Monday, January 10, 2011

Looking for more leisurely reading...maybe this isn't it.

I have been looking for another easy reader to add to my Nook and I came across this book by Ivanka Trump entitled The Trump Card: playing to win in work and life. I was a little excited about it because I love experience/advice books by women in business and politics. And I think she's adorable, she is my other Heidi Klum. Despite my excitement I am still ever so cautious about spending money on books I am going to hate/regret/find useless. It IS still a recession at my house. I downloaded the free sample to my Nook but before reading even the sample, I read the consumer reviews.


"She doesn't acknowledge that she is privileged. She even tries to convince the reader that she did it all on her own." Another states that she is a VP of her father's real estate company after one-year stint in an entry-level position at another real-estate company. Really? And she attributes that to her "hard work".

If I were 10 years younger I would read her book and admire the fabulousness of her life. The travel, the opulence, it is just the kind of thing to keep me page-turning. Actually, it still would. However, my immigrant father, middle-class upbringing and public school education means I live in a different world than she does. What's tossed up does come down in my world but in her world it probably floats.

If she made a picture book entitled The Trump Card: It takes me all the places YOU want to be, I would be the first in line!
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