Monday, January 10, 2011

Governor Still Selling off Government Planes? Shootings may change his mind.

Last week we inaugurated a new governor in the state of Florida, Rick Scott. I found him to be surprisingly likable outside of his politics. I find his politics to sometimes palatable and others gagworthy. Of the first news of action from his new administration is the intention to sell of the state jets that transport government officials across the state from the capital city, Tallahassee. Now the Tallahassee airport is nothing to write home about. I take that back, you would write about how hard it is to fly out of such as small, sparsely populated airport. You would also probably mention how the discount airline AirTran packed up due to low sales. That is like Wal-Mart going out of business! You would also write how you would never fly U.S Airways ever your lifetime...but your only alternative is Delta for $1Billion dollars more. I digress...

Rick Scott doesn't see the point of having these allowances for government officials. After all it costs the state millions of dollars to maintain and politicians are regular people. They should find more economical and responsible ways to travel.  He however is criss-crossing the state in his OWN private jet. You know because he had a net worth of over $200 million last year and he spent $70 million of that on his own election. Water under the bridge...

Considering other politicians are not filthy rich and cannot afford their own jets and security detail, how does he feel about putting state politicians in the fray now after the Arizona shootings? Hopefully this will make him reconsider. Or somehow ensure that I can at least catch a cheap Southwest flight to Vegas from the Tallahassee airport.

[photo via MotherJones]
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