Monday, January 31, 2011

Facebook Envy: Scientific evidence that Facebook Ruins Lives

I don't hide my disdain for Facebook. I think it's really invasive: time-consuming and increasingly robs you of your privacy. And it is, quite rudely, becoming complicated as hell. A recent Stanford University study  says that Facebook makes people unhappy and spurs "Facebook Envy". Oh Facebook envy! I often remark 'Life looks great on Facebook' as people take out time to paint pretty pictures of their lives and Facebook gives these individuals a great platform to broadcast carefully crafted versions of themselves.

The researchers had one amazing but not surprising finding. People create these impressions of themselves to suppress negative feelings about themselves. The more folks try to hide the truth by portraying a lie, the "lonelier and dissatisfied" their peers feel. But isn't that the point anyway? Why else would people go through all that effort?

The saying "don't judge your inside based on someone else's outside" is very true. And be weary of people who feel it necessary to post and tag everything. Photos are easy to upload and foreclosure signs are easy to crop out.
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