Friday, January 21, 2011

Copyrights and Wrongs

I am terribly restless with my job right now in state government. It's quite a change from academia to this...perpetual Dilbert cartoon.

I find the day to day things to be terribly mundane. Detailed emails about which copier we are forbidden to use. Corny chit-chat that I overhear as people spend a lot time brown-nosing instead of doing the work that honestly, doesn't seem immediately impactful. But people take 'having a job' very seriously and would fight to the death if they felt as though you were encroaching on their professional territory. And the boundaries are fairly invisible.

Speaking of invisible, I submit reports that no one cares to read and if I didn't submit I wonder how long it would take before it's noticed. I tend to shoot myself with my invisible gun by 2:45pm everyday. If you don't go out of your way to greet others in the morning, then they will spread rumors about you. I like to work and they want to sit and chat for a solid hour about their personal lives. They don't come say hello to me because they are unable to reduce their morning communication to a few warm words and then keep it moving. I assume.

I am a little resentful that my work life revolves around the office copy machine/printer. A copier should not be given that much attention. It has been switched out 3 to 4 times over the past year due to employee dissatisfaction. Seriously??? Who the hell cares and why? I just want to click print from my desk and walk the obligatory mile to the copier/printer and retrieve my journal articles and reports. We had a 30 minute training on the new copier/printer a few weeks ago. 10 minutes in, my eyes glazed over. I still can't use the darn thing. There has to be more to this. So I am waiting, resume and writing samples in tow because I am plum out of invisible bullets.
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