Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Who owns a Nook???

I love the advertisements for's e-reader Kindle this holiday season. They are so cute and abundant. Goodness! I own a Nook and eagerly look out for Barnes and Nobles' clever ad for their e-reader combat their chief competitor.


I haven't seen a thing! They have recently released an all-color Nook. How are they planning to sell this thing? I love my Nook. I received it in July from my husband as a birthday gift. (Fantastic gift, by the way.) It has WI-FI and 3G, web surfing capabilities, touch screen keyboard and that wonderful e-ink that e-readers use. I cannot read books or journal articles on my computer screen. Can't stand it. I'm sensitive and old-fashioned. With my Nook I can read all day and not get irritated. It's wonderful. I can't imagine the Kindle being so much better. Barnes and Noble has LOTS of books and I have always found what I was looking for. I can search, purchase and read all on my gadget in a matter of minutes. I can even put my academic journals on the device since it reads pdf. No more looking for articles and carrying tons of paper! I have the Nook app on my smartphone and can read all the books in my Nook library from there. You know, if I must.

I think its great product. But who else does? How can they with limited advertising?? I know that the iPad is very intimidating right now but Kindle is still fighting. Nook should too.

* Update* Just found out a co-worker owns a Nook and of course LOVES it!
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