Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pages Turn

Reading the last few lines in this chapter of my life, I turn the page. I am eager to begin Part 3. Though unknowing I am eager to explore the new places and set upon the new adventures. I am eager to turn the page.

I have been the damsel in stress, I've slayed a few dragons. I have been a soldier; I have died in battle. I found I have nine lives. I am still fighting.

I have loved and lost. Put my house on it. Walked away with only the shirt on my back only to love again. I have hitchhiked the long road to redemption and am now merging onto the highway of success.

My story has been eventful but I am ready to turn the page. On to a different life, I am ready to turn.

As the plot develops a number of characters disappear. Whether in the dust of disdain or under a shower of well-wishes they go and we each continue in our own way. I am completely embracing mine.

Surely, there will be folded pages for reference, for my favorite parts, but I recognize it slows progress. You can't change what is written, you can only move on. I have turned many wine-spilled, tear-soaked, marker highlighted pages, but with this page I breathe a sigh. I have come into my own. I am eager to begin Part 3.
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