Thursday, December 02, 2010

Lebron HAD to return to Cleveland on a Thursday night!

My husband has just left our home to watch the Cleveland vs Miami game over beers with friends. I am stuck here working on an assignment from work. The hubby never had much faith in the Miami Trinity, I of course loved the idea. Every Miami game he is itching to see them lose and he has been obliged occasionally. The are 12-8, there is no reason for the Heat record to be any less than 17-3 at this point. However, this game tonight is going to be a game they cannot lose. The Jilted City is going to get their revenge either way. Win or Lose.

Cleveland is angry. The arena is sold out. The t-shirts are rude and signs are mean. Hell, they are nasty. There is rumor that there is a chant list for the crowd being passed around that includes one "Lebron went south when his mom rode West" referring to his mother's alleged sexual relationship with his former teammate Delonte West. I mean, that is down right cold. It is going to be tense and hostile. Oh the potential for disaster.

I would be glued to my Flat screen watching in HD any day... except for super Thursday! Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice is on tonight. AND Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!?! Are you kidding? No, I don't have DVR (today...but ask me if I do next week). So I have to choose. I'm thinking the Cleveland arena can't boo for all 4 quarters.

But they are really mad.
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