Wednesday, December 22, 2010

If They Fired Don Imus, This Idiot Should Be Fired Too!

Hot 97 of New York, the flagship of urban radio stations, has suspended DJ Cipha Sounds indefinitely for saying on air... OK brace yourself...

I am HIV NEGATIVE because I don't mess with Haitian girls.

Is "suspended indefinitely" a synonym for "fired"?

I am not going to comment about the cultural insensitivity, that would be like discussing that the sky is blue and grass is green. I am upset because he was also grossly irresponsible. Considering minority communities as a whole are still in need of proper health education, particularly on the subject of HIV/AIDS he has done a terrible disservice. Where else than one of the most popular radio stations can minorities receive useful information? Instead this idiot propagates lies.

I ask the question again, is suspended indefinitely the same as being fired? If not then this is nothing less than pure hypocrisy. Though I am uncertain if the powers that be over at Hot 97 are ethnic minorities but I would argue that it doesn't matter. Don Imus and his "nappy headed hoes/ Jiggaboos vs Wannabes" comment warranted a cancellation of his radio show. Rick Sanchez, a Latino was fired from CNN for making inappropriate comments about Jews and he wasn't even on his own show! The radio station doing anything short of firing DJ Cipha Sounds sends a message that it is OK for Latinos to say horrible things about Blacks (and vice-versa of course). It's OK for the country's most disadvantaged minorities to continue to perpetuate internal discord.

Most importantly, where is Al Sharpton in all this? Jesse Jackson? Oh, right.
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