Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pages Turn

Reading the last few lines in this chapter of my life, I turn the page. I am eager to begin Part 3. Though unknowing I am eager to explore the new places and set upon the new adventures. I am eager to turn the page.

I have been the damsel in stress, I've slayed a few dragons. I have been a soldier; I have died in battle. I found I have nine lives. I am still fighting.

I have loved and lost. Put my house on it. Walked away with only the shirt on my back only to love again. I have hitchhiked the long road to redemption and am now merging onto the highway of success.

My story has been eventful but I am ready to turn the page. On to a different life, I am ready to turn.

As the plot develops a number of characters disappear. Whether in the dust of disdain or under a shower of well-wishes they go and we each continue in our own way. I am completely embracing mine.

Surely, there will be folded pages for reference, for my favorite parts, but I recognize it slows progress. You can't change what is written, you can only move on. I have turned many wine-spilled, tear-soaked, marker highlighted pages, but with this page I breathe a sigh. I have come into my own. I am eager to begin Part 3.
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jada Pinkett Is In Need of Curves

I love the Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith duo. I don't like how they are handling Willow Smith but that has been beaten to death.  I digress...

I believe that the two are of the best looking couples in Hollywood. Or at least they were. Jada isn't looking as nice. It's not that she isn't aging gracefully. She is getting thinner and I am really uncomfortable with it. Sure she is naturally thin but she should put on some grown woman weight. And make and effort of it! No reason a grown woman in her um...let me check...late 30's should look like that! For goodness sakes. I thought she was in her early 40's, she is just 39. The lack of flesh in her face is making her look old.

She used to look soft and amazing (see left.) Maybe someone told her as she is rumored to have had cheek implants.

This doesn't help. Grown woman weight, please! Just saying...
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Monday, December 27, 2010

So You are Forcing Me to Buy Health Insurance? Judge Says You Can't

I'm fairly liberal. I would love this country to join the ranks of developed countries that provide health care to their residents. However, mandating that everyone PURCHASE health insurance is not the best alternative. I totally believe that this was a mechanism to garner support from managed care organizations for Obama's health care initiative. We can agree that states force their residents to purchase car insurance. I don't think that's right either by the way. Just as I don't think universities should force you to purchase a product to enter their institutions (SAT and ACT). These examples are easier to swallow because it is the individual university and the state's prerogative to do so. To make matters worse we would be fined/taxed if we did NOT purchase health insurance. I wrestled with this in my soul. I just decided I just don't like it. 

A Virginia judge doesn't like it either and has declared it unconstitutional. In his 42-page opinion, Federal Judge Henry E. Hudson "concluded that requiring most people to get insurance or pay a fine - as the law mandates starting in 2014 - is an unprecedented expansion of federal power and cannot be justified under Congress's authority to regulate interstate commerce" according to the Washington Post. I'm no lawyer (thank heavens!) but I totally agree. However, as a political scientist, the federal government can simply coerce states to adopt such a mandate individually by withholding funds or offering grant opportunities for those who do. You know, the way they did with increasing the drinking age. More evidence of my lack of law training...why have two different Judges in the same state of Virgina upheld it? I'll have one of my lawyer BFFs explain. The difference between politics and the law is supposed to be objectivity...but we all know that the law is also left up to interpretation. (ahem politics!) Can't wait to see what the Supreme Court says. (20 other states including my lovely state of Florida are fighting to throw the entire law out. That's reaching.)

So what happens if someone hits you and you don't have car insurance? You pay through your nose or you don't get your car fixed. No I am not advocating that someone should die in the ER triage because they don't have the means to pay care. Insurance should be affordable so that everyone would have the ability to ELECT to have coverage. Should you CHOOSE to not purchase insurance, you should 'die' trying to pay the government/hospital back. That is tax enough.
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

If They Fired Don Imus, This Idiot Should Be Fired Too!

Hot 97 of New York, the flagship of urban radio stations, has suspended DJ Cipha Sounds indefinitely for saying on air... OK brace yourself...

I am HIV NEGATIVE because I don't mess with Haitian girls.

Is "suspended indefinitely" a synonym for "fired"?

I am not going to comment about the cultural insensitivity, that would be like discussing that the sky is blue and grass is green. I am upset because he was also grossly irresponsible. Considering minority communities as a whole are still in need of proper health education, particularly on the subject of HIV/AIDS he has done a terrible disservice. Where else than one of the most popular radio stations can minorities receive useful information? Instead this idiot propagates lies.

I ask the question again, is suspended indefinitely the same as being fired? If not then this is nothing less than pure hypocrisy. Though I am uncertain if the powers that be over at Hot 97 are ethnic minorities but I would argue that it doesn't matter. Don Imus and his "nappy headed hoes/ Jiggaboos vs Wannabes" comment warranted a cancellation of his radio show. Rick Sanchez, a Latino was fired from CNN for making inappropriate comments about Jews and he wasn't even on his own show! The radio station doing anything short of firing DJ Cipha Sounds sends a message that it is OK for Latinos to say horrible things about Blacks (and vice-versa of course). It's OK for the country's most disadvantaged minorities to continue to perpetuate internal discord.

Most importantly, where is Al Sharpton in all this? Jesse Jackson? Oh, right.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Dont Ask, Don't Tell" is Repealed. What Will You do Now That You Know?

It is hard to believe that for decades there were witch hunts to expose the sexual identity of soldiers and that homosexuality was grounds for dismissal. It is hard to believe that Don't Ask, Don't Tell was a compromise to allow homosexuals to serve in the military. You know, I won't hunt you down and you don't make it glaringly obvious. As perfectly depicted in the illustration, it shouldn't matter who you choose to love or be intimate with especially if you are willing to serve and risk your life for your country. It wouldn't read on your tombstone.

So it's amazing that such a policy is repealed. But what people have not discussed are the mechanisms put in place to ensure that homosexuals have fair treatment in the military. Opponents of the repeal  drew parallels to the decision to end racial segregation in the 1950s and the admission of women to military service in the 1970s as a lame excuse NOT to repeal the ban (which doesn't make sense, both are currently enforced. Why wouldn't we do something that is actually working?) While it is a lame excuse the parallels are valid and should be lessons for implementation and not deterrents.

With all social change i.e. freeing of slaves, there will be a number of resistant individuals. These individuals must be *ahem* encouraged by the law to embrace change and not create policies out of their desire to maintain the status quo. i.e. Jim Crow. To ignore this is foolish. Lessons for implementation...not deterrents.
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Monday, December 20, 2010

All I want For Christmas

Damn Mariah Carey.

I woke this morning humming a song from Mariah Carey's classic Christmas album. It is Christmas time, after all. It brought me back to Christmases past, many of which I spent brokenhearted...waiting and wishing for phone calls that sometimes never came.

"Miss You Most (at Christmas Time) was my obligatory wallowing song. One particular Christmas was terribly difficult. I was desperately in love with someone. Love Unrequited. And for months, miserably hard months, I fought to get over him. I was seeing someone that I had high hopes for. I really liked him and hoped perhaps I'd finally get over Love Unrequited. But he disappointed me horribly. He was to spend two days with me a mid-point of his 7 hour journey home for Christmas. Not only did he not come, he forgot to let me know.

I was hurt. Why would someone do that to ME? I felt little and insignificant. I felt like a fool. What's worse (yes, worse) is that I could only think of the Christmas prior. I had spent hours on the phone with Love Unrequited and did so for days after. It was a wish I'd had for at least three Christmases. But this particular Christmas I was missing him so much I couldn't breathe. I prayed that he'd remember me this Christmas. I sadly I ended up crying my eyes out Christmas night.

Everybody's laughing,the world is celebrating, and everyone's embracing except for you and I.
I actually love the song but it's unfortunate that it takes me to a dark place at times. Especially this cold Monday morning.
I miss you most at Christmas time
And I can't get you, get you off my mind.
Every other season comes along and I'm alright.
But then I miss you most at Christmas time.
As I reminisce on tough Holidays, my husband calls to say he was thinking of me on his drive to work. Hearing him say he loves me always warms my heart. I have all I ever wanted for Christmas, my own love. Amazing love at that.
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Commentative Collective

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been overwhelmed with random thoughts and observations that have developed into well, random conclusions. Two weeks worth of commentary can be summarized by the following points:

  • There is a difference between ideological battles and actual policy creation. There is a difference between campaigns and government. As a political scientist I see politics as a game. The ultimate policy is what matters. People pay entirely too much attention to the emotion behind the game and not whether or not they win or lose. Mind you, people aren't exactly sure if it's their team they are rooting for first place (i.e. a state government worker who is calling for drastic cuts in the size and spending of state government. Seriously?).
  • Facebook ruins lives. There have been many potential (and actual) jobs lost, relationships ruined, self-esteems dashed and robberies AND suicides committed due to photos, wall posts and status updates on Facebook. Yet, Facebook continues to expand. I have a fundamental problem with Facebook and it's effect on people's lives and privacy. But I can't break free of it, people refuse to contact me any other way. *Fists in the air* Mark Zuckerberg is a genius, Facebook however is a curse.
  • There is a divorce epidemic in Hollywood. I suggest that they all go under quarantine and stay away from red Carpets and holiday parties until it blows over. It is obviously contagious.
  • No matter how elite Jay-Z has become or how mainstream hip-hop gets, it seems its never acceptable music for the workplace. No problem with Maroon 5, until my office playlist slides to Kanye West...
  • iphone users, I haven't come across an app or function that you have (and that I want) that my G2 (android) phone doesn't have access to. So... Oh facetime? I have skype and google chat on my computer and I will have all the facetime I want with my husband when he gets home from work. I just want to let you know that it gets annoying.
  • Julian Assange says that the sexual misconduct charges against him is nothing less than a smear campaign to discredit him and his organization. No evidence has been provided to him and his attorneys. No kidding. Of course it is! Shouldn't mess with the U.S. I believe we (America) are international bullies, but even I have issues with WikiLeaks. There is little discretion with what is being released and that kind of disregard can only come from someone like Assange, an Australian citizen who has no emotional connection to this country.

Just saying.
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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Lebron HAD to return to Cleveland on a Thursday night!

My husband has just left our home to watch the Cleveland vs Miami game over beers with friends. I am stuck here working on an assignment from work. The hubby never had much faith in the Miami Trinity, I of course loved the idea. Every Miami game he is itching to see them lose and he has been obliged occasionally. The are 12-8, there is no reason for the Heat record to be any less than 17-3 at this point. However, this game tonight is going to be a game they cannot lose. The Jilted City is going to get their revenge either way. Win or Lose.

Cleveland is angry. The arena is sold out. The t-shirts are rude and signs are mean. Hell, they are nasty. There is rumor that there is a chant list for the crowd being passed around that includes one "Lebron went south when his mom rode West" referring to his mother's alleged sexual relationship with his former teammate Delonte West. I mean, that is down right cold. It is going to be tense and hostile. Oh the potential for disaster.

I would be glued to my Flat screen watching in HD any day... except for super Thursday! Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice is on tonight. AND Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!?! Are you kidding? No, I don't have DVR (today...but ask me if I do next week). So I have to choose. I'm thinking the Cleveland arena can't boo for all 4 quarters.

But they are really mad.
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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Who owns a Nook???

I love the advertisements for's e-reader Kindle this holiday season. They are so cute and abundant. Goodness! I own a Nook and eagerly look out for Barnes and Nobles' clever ad for their e-reader combat their chief competitor.


I haven't seen a thing! They have recently released an all-color Nook. How are they planning to sell this thing? I love my Nook. I received it in July from my husband as a birthday gift. (Fantastic gift, by the way.) It has WI-FI and 3G, web surfing capabilities, touch screen keyboard and that wonderful e-ink that e-readers use. I cannot read books or journal articles on my computer screen. Can't stand it. I'm sensitive and old-fashioned. With my Nook I can read all day and not get irritated. It's wonderful. I can't imagine the Kindle being so much better. Barnes and Noble has LOTS of books and I have always found what I was looking for. I can search, purchase and read all on my gadget in a matter of minutes. I can even put my academic journals on the device since it reads pdf. No more looking for articles and carrying tons of paper! I have the Nook app on my smartphone and can read all the books in my Nook library from there. You know, if I must.

I think its great product. But who else does? How can they with limited advertising?? I know that the iPad is very intimidating right now but Kindle is still fighting. Nook should too.

* Update* Just found out a co-worker owns a Nook and of course LOVES it!
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